Woof Squad know exactly how hard it can be to juggle a career, a family and pets. You can’t be everywhere at once and we know that your pets are a huge part of the family.

Let them join our squad on a regular or ad-hoc basis and come out with us for exciting and varied walks in the local gorgeous green spaces. Or if you have a pup or older pet that just need visiting for cuddles, feeding and letting into the garden then we can help there too. Dogs are our passion, and this business is built with passion. We treat your dogs as we would our own. Receive pictures and videos while you’re away from your pet to see what they are getting up to and follow our insta-stories to see if your dog features.

We are fully insured, DBS Checked, first aid qualified, and are a gold member of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters (NARPS). It’s not just a walk in the park after all and we treat your pets welfare with the highest priority.


My Love for Dogs

I’ve always loved dogs more than the average person and my happy place is being curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and my King Charles Cavaliers. True companionship, loyalty and love all wrapped up in a furry four-legged parcel. No matter what day I’ve had or what things I’ve faced in life my dogs never fail to cheer me up and make me happy.

I’ve been lucky enough in my life to have had 6 family dogs. My first dog Boots a Labrador and Collie Cross we got from a rescue centre when I was just three years old. We grew up together and it was my job, as I got older to walk him every day after school. When I was a teenager along came our two Border Collie’s Bobby and Benji. We went on so many adventures together and when I moved out of the family home the boys used to stay with me regularly.

In my early twenties my love for King Charles Cavaliers began- and my husband and I got our first dogs together Marcel and Louis. We always knew that Louis had a poorly heart and we were lucky enough to have had him for four years before he passed away. We still have Marcel who is now 12 and snoring away next to me as I type this. Words cannot explain how much I love this little guy; he is such a little gent and is so good with our two daughters. Marcel got a little lonely by himself so in 2010 we found a rescue Cavalier looking for a new home. We named him Ruben and they have inseparable ever since. They make us laugh everyday and I couldn’t love them more if I tried.

In 2018 I decided that I wanted to pursue my passion for dogs and I resigned from my public sector career after 12 years. This wasn’t an easy decision to make but already I know and feel that if you are determined and motivated enough you can make things happen and live your best life. I realise it wont be glamorous and that I will get wet and muddy in the typical English weather, but quite honestly I think its going to be the best decision I’ve ever made.